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A New Thought in Remedial Medicine

If the neck becomes tight you may experience tingling into the hands or even headaches both of these situations may occur because the muscles have become tight and this can pull onto other structures or bones and nerves.

The muscles can be released creating a better length for them. This would be like you undoing the knots in an elastic band allowing the band to return to its normal length. Once the muscles have eased your posture will feel more correct and aligned. At the same time pressure on the nerves and other structures will be reduced which has the benefit of relieving any underlying pain.

our mission

To straighten your posture alignment of you bodies structures!


To educate and show how correct alignment gives results


To show how simple and effective techniques can give incredible results.

working hours

Matthew practices everyday at king st west and Thursday mornings in Sale, we are sorry to say that there is no more availability at the Sale practice

Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Thursday: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Satisfied patients
Qualified staff
Professional staff
Matthew Brownell is fully qualified in several treatment modalities and has over 25 years of experience working with people from all around the world
Modern Equipment
Matthew may use several frequency devices that he has personally researched and tested over the many years of practice to bring about the required results
On this page you can send a message directly to Matthew with your preferred date
You can leave a message at 0161 839 5335 you can send a text only to 07787596923
history our clinic

Matthew Brownell has been in practice for over 25 years and he established his king street west practice in 2002. The clinic is situated on the second floor and also has rooms for other practices and therapies. The practice is in the heart of Manchester and Matthew has had referrals from all around the world for his services.

1995: opening clinic
Innovative healing technologies usually based on frequencies, similar to known systems like ultra sound are sometimes also used in a session bringing about the desired result.
1995: opening clinic
Many of Matthew's clients have tried other therapies to help their condition, the muscle alignment technique helps to discover the underlying causes of conditions and address those too!
1995: opening clinic
Matthew Brownell is fully qualified in several treatment modalities, amalgomating all his techniques and experience into one unified treatment protocol the muscle alignment technique.
1995: opening clinic
Matthew Brownell has practiced all around the world before opening his practice in the heart of Manchester and his business has continued to grow through only word of mouth referrals!

Although Matthew Brownell is qualified in several treatment modalities fully qualified in the Bowen technique, remedial massage therapy, reflexology, Cranial sacral therapy, sports injury therapy Matthew has amalgamated the best of these techniques and used his over 30 years of experience, treating thousands of patients from all around the world to develop his very own practice and technique called the muscle alignment technique!

thumb04-kevin campbell
Kevin Campbell
Ex-Premier League Footballer

Mat’s muscle alignment technique is phenomenal I send everyone I know for this treatment and they all get well, we need more people to perform this art or treatment to help people from all walks of life, I highly recommend everyone should have the treatment even if you feel well – as a maintenance, you should go!

Matty Askin
UK Welter Weight Champion

I had several scans on an injury to my groin, I went to several specialised and before coming to Matthew and having an alignment treatment no one could find the problem, I was bad for several weeks not being able to train. Incredibly Matthew got me at least 90% better in one session – it was like no other treatment I had before. all I can say about the session is incredible results and everyone should try it.

thumb06-kate kelly coronation st
Kate Kelly
Actress - Coronation Street

Incredible treatment, unlike any other therapy out there. I would go to see Matthew on a regular bases to help keep me aligned – BRILLIANT

Amine Linganzi
Pro Footballer - Blackburn Rovers

I was injured for several weeks before seeing Matthew, I had a reoccurring injury and nothing would get it right but after Matthew’s alignment session I felt fantastic I recommend this treatment to anyone.

thumb08-paddy crerand man united
Paddy Crerand
Man United Pundit

Matt is so good he actually saw I had a problem from watching me on TV – I got a message from a friend of mine to say Mat would sort my neck, I could not believe it because my neck was bad but I had not told anyone about it, because I was amazed by that I went to see Matt and he fixed me right away – amazing really, really amazing!

thumb09-rudy keil south african rugby
Rudy Keil
South African Rugby International

Rudi Keil is a Rugby Union Centre and former South African international player.

anthony corrella
Anthony Crolla

Anthony is the current holder of the WBO inter-continental lightweight title after beating Gavin Rees. He says “The muscle alignment technique is an absolutely brilliant treatment”.

scott carson
Scott Carson
Pro Footballer - Wigan

England and former Liverpool and Wigan goalkeeper! I was injured for quite some time, I had the muscle alignment technique and I was playing the next match – great treatment!!

thumb01-cherylee houston coronation st
Cherylee houston
Actress - Coronation Street

Matt’s muscle alignment sessions have really helped me through my working days when sometimes I would be on set for hours. I am so glad I found Manchester’s best kept secret the treatment should be for everyone

brad layzell
Sean Long // Brad Layzell
Premiership Rugby Player // Pro Ice Hockey Player

Matt’s treatment was like no other treatment I have had before, incredible experience and results. (B.L.).
Incredible treatment! (S.L..)

thumb-youl mawene
Youl Mawene
Ex Pro Footballer - Fleetwood Manager

Everyone should have an alignment treatment it is as simple as that – I recommend anyone to try the sessions – brilliant.

thumb-neil mellor
Neil Mellor
Pro Footballer - Former Liverpool and Preston North End player

Playing pro football at prem level was taxing and Matts’ treatment really helped with a condition I had.

thumb-wayne henderson
Wayne Henderson
Pro Footballer - Preston North End

As a goal keeper I was prone to injury _ I have to say, I was refereed to Matthew from another pro footballer and I was so glad I went as his treatment did me the world of good. I am so glad a had the sessions when I could. If you have any type of pain or problem you shouuld have an alignment treatment.

Uwe Rosler
Football Manager - Wigan Athletic F.C.

I wish I knew about Mat’s muscle alignment technique when I was playing pro football, I am sure I could be playing now if I did. I noticed incredible results even in one session.

thumb02-john edwards status quo
John Edwards
Musician - Status Quo


Scott Fletcher
Chair of ANS Group

Technology entrepreneur Scott Fletcher has been awarded an MBE. His business group is an IT infrastructure specialist, based at Manchester Science Parks & London! I have an alignment treatment for healthy maintenance and always feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards & I am aligned most weeks when I am in the UK, everyone should try it!

Julie Neville
Health Proponent

I always have a muscle alignment treatment when I feel any niggles aches and pains, every one should try it

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We only need to know the length of time you have had the condition and your best days and times you can make to come for consultation & treatment!


More information will be available soon regarding muscle alignment training for practitioners, please email matthewbrownell@me.com for details

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